Happy Birthday Series 7! January 06 2015

This year is the 60th birthday of the world's best selling chair - Arne Jacobsen's iconic Series 7 Butterfly. Manufactured since 1955 by Denmark's Fritz Hansen, the Series 7 has also become one of the most counterfeited products ever created, and the company dedicates huge resources to tracking down and destroying fakes (you can check out how they do this on their website http://www.fritzhansen.com/en/fritz-hansen/the-republic/Fighting-Copies).

If you fancy owning a Fritz Hansen original, you could push the boat out and go for one of their special anniversary editions (which include a pink one with gold plated legs) for about £500 a piece - see the left hand photo (copyright Fritz Hansen); or you could play down the bling a bit and go for one of our super-stylish original 1960s pieces, which have the added benefit of not costing quite so much either - see the right hand photo (copyright me!)  Decisions decisions!