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Ercol-Mania! August 15 2014

OK, so Ercol-mania may not be a word, but it goes some way to describing how we feel about two of our latest finds - a pair of classic elm and beech Windsor chairs and a lovely (and quite rare) solid elm coffee table.  All three pieces should be with us at Ludlow this Sunday 17th August (unless they sell online first), so if you're in the area why not have a look and say hi!

New pieces going to Vintage Village... August 09 2014

As we may have mentioned a couple of time already (can't help it - we're excited!) we're off to Sockport's Market Hall tomorrow (Sunday 10th August) for our first ever stand at The Vintage Village.  Above you can see just three of the great pieces we're taking with us, and we'll have loads more besides - if you're going to be there, please look out for the Whittaker & Gray stand and come and say hello!

Nearly time for Vintage Village in Stockport! August 08 2014

The whole Whittaker & Gray team is really excited about our first ever stall at The Vintage Village this Sunday 10th August which is taking place in the fantastic Stockport Market Hall!  We've picked up some great pieces over the last week and now it's a race against time to get them ready for the market (even the Grebe has picked up a paint brush, but frankly that's not really made much difference - but then it is difficult painting with your beak).  Anyway, we're really looking forward to a great day - hope to see you there...

Ludlow market today an early start August 03 2014

The Grebe did not even bat a peeper this morning and kept his beak firmly under the duvet, he was tired after loading the van with vintage goodies and all sorts of finds.

The sun is shining in glorious Ludlow today and the Antique and Flea Market is becoming a very firm favourite!

If you're in town today, do come and visit, we have lots to see; Ercol chairs, Lloyd Loom, formica table, 1950s stools/chairs, dragons (well an embroidered one!), mirrors, lovely wooden folding chairs and even the infamous plant potties :)

What's in the back of the van?! July 31 2014

We've found some really great pieces in the last few days and the poor Whittaker & Gray van is packed to the rafters!  In the pics you can see a John and Sylvia Reid Stag dressing table (there's a three drawer chest in there somewhere too), a G-Plan bifold wardrobe, a Remploy table nest and some German art pottery.  There are a dozen more great pieces behind them, so we need to get unpacking...

The Grebe says... July 28 2014

We've just taken delivery of a load of vintage decanters, and guess which Grebe drew the short straw when it came to cleaning them up??  Not being particularly handy with a bottle brush (or anything else for that matter on account of the wings) I asked around for easy cleaning tips, and I've been advised to soak them for a couple of days in water filled with potato peelings.  Sounds crazy to me, but I'll try anything once - I'll let you know how it goes as soon as I've worked out how to hold a potato peeler...

Ice Ice Baby! July 28 2014

We were going to make some joke about these Sciolari style ice cube column lamps being perfect for the hot weather, but then it started raining.  No matter - whatever the weather they're still are fabulously 70s and seriously cool, and look amazing whether they're turned on or off.  Check them out here...

G-Plan Mystery! July 27 2014

Check out our latest G-Plan piece - we think it's a factory-made cut down version of the classic Librenza room divider!  We've never seen the like before, but we really like its compact charm, and the fact that it could possibly be unique is an added bonus.  Click here to have a look...

The Grebe says... July 24 2014

I love Kirsty as much as the next Grebe, but can she really mean it when she says that almost anything can be improved with a coat of paint?  If you'd seen as many potentially nice pieces of furniture ruined by over-indulgence with a certain brand name paint as I have, you'd agree that actually almost anything can be totally ruined by painting!

Exciting new find! July 23 2014

Three 1950s slide-door kitchen cabinets.

We were really pleased when we found the cabinet with the red door in the kitchen of a house due to be renovated, so imagine how excited we were to find two more in the shed!  They need quite a lot of work, but we hope to have them ready for our first appearance at the Vintage Village in Stockport (Manchester) on 10th April.

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