1960s G-Plan Librenza Low Room Divider


The Librenza Room Divider is one of G-Plan's most iconic (and tallest) designs, using a combination of cupboards and open shelves to tower six feet into the air.  As you can see, this piece is a much more manageable three and a half feet tall and we've never seen another one like it!  It is basically the bottom section of a Librenza, but it's quite clearly a factory piece rather than a dubious DIY job, so we can only assume it was made to order by E. Gomme (have a look at the photo of the uprights and you'll see what we mean).  We think all this makes it pretty rare and therefore very exciting!

Whatever its history turns out to be, this is first and foremost a fantastically practical piece of furniture offering loads of stylish storage. Two of the doors needed restoration and have now been painted a very fetching lime green, but the rest of the piece remains in its original condition, showing the patina of a lifetime of love and use. It would work perfectly against a wall, but as its back is fully finished it could equally fulfil its original role as a room divider.  And it will be much easier to get up the stairs (or indeed anywhere else) than a full height Librenza. 

W 97cm x D 47cm x H111cm

A note on the date:  G-Plan Furniture can usually be fairly accurately dated from the logo it's stamped with and various catalogue references.  The Librenza range was launched in the early 1960s and the gold stamp logo on this piece started to be phased out after 1965.

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