1950s Herbert E Gibb "Autographed" Bookcase


This is a really stylish four shelf bookcase by British maker Herbert E Gibb.  It's part of Gibb's "Autographed" range and features separate sliding glass doors for the top and bottom halves.  Probably dating from the 1950s, it's beautifully made, with lovely swept in mitred corners at the top and a sloping plinth piece at the bottom.  The doors fit and slide perfectly, but if you remove them (easily done for easy transporting) you'll notice a couple of small chips to the corners.  These aren't visible when the doors are in their runner channels however, so they don't spoil the look of the piece at all.  There are also a couple of small marks on the sides of the piece commensurate with its age, but again these aren't really noticeable.

W 92cm x D 24cm x H 112cm

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