G-Plan Circular Occasional Table (model no 8040) AKA The "Astro"



This beautiful teak and glass coffee table is one of E Gomme's most iconic designs.  It's picked up the "Astro" moniker over time, even though that name was originally given to an entirely different table in the G-Plan range.  There's clearly a strong Scandinavian influence at work, but the design is actually by Gomme's British designer VB Wilkins.

This piece was found covered in brown goo and has been completely stripped back and refinished - the teak now glows with a deep sheen so that you just can't help stroking it!  The top is made up of four curved sections, each with a slightly different grain and colour.  These both contrast with and compliment each other, each bringing out the beauty in the next (see photos).  There are a couple of little dinks on one of the leg sections, but these are not really noticeable and certainly don't detract from the piece.  The circular glass insert is original and therefore has 60 year's worth of small scratches on it, but there are no chips or cracks.

Overall this is a beautiful piece of classic 1960s design which looks as striking today as it did the day it was made!

W84cm x H46cm

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