1964 G-Plan Kofod-Larsen Era Extending Dining Table (model no 4397)


This is a beautiful, solid and quite rare piece of furniture.  It's known as a Kofod-Larsen era dining table after G-Plan manufacturer E. Gomme's superstar Danish designer Ib Koford-Larsen, but in fact the table wasn't actually designed by Kofod-Larsen.  It's probably made from a hardwood called tola.

Un-extended it will comfortably seat six, but add the extra leaf and you can invite eight people to sit down.  The side rails are really nicely detailed with corner cut-out sections, there's a magic slot in which to slide away the centre leaf, and over the last 50 odd years the wood on the majority of the main table top has taken on a lovely honey colour (in one corner area the wood is slightly darker, but some variation in tone is inevitable in a piece of this age).  The centre leaf itself has been tucked away in its magic slot and so is also a bit darker, and it has a small piece missing from one of its corners (see photos), but if you're inviting eight people round to dinner you'll probably splash out on a table cloth, so no-one will notice!

W 146cm (Extended 191cm) x D 88.5cm x H 73cm

A note on the date:  G-Plan Furniture can be fairly accurately dated from the logo it's stamped with and various catalogue references.  This model table was first launched in 1964, and the gold stamp logo started to be phased out after 1965.  The logo on this piece is also how we know that it wasn't designed by Kofod-Larsen himself as his pieces were all stamped with an autographed version of the logo.

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