Erte "Emerald Eyes" Framed Print 1985


Romain di Tirtoff (known as Erte after the French pronunciation of his initials) was one of the most prolific and influential artist / designers of the 20th century.  He began working in the early 1900s, helped shape the visual style of the Art Deco period, and was still producing acclaimed work well into his 90s!  He was particularly renowned for his magazine covers for Harper's Bazaar and for his theatrical posters and set designs.  Erte was a master of the serigraph (or Chinese silk screen print) and developed many new techniques to allow ever more intricate and detailed designs to be produced.

This print is of a work called "Emerald Eyes" which Erte made in 1985.

Please note:  the background colour in the close up photos has taken on a bluish hue for some reason.  The photo of the framed print shows the true background colour.

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